What is Best-shop Autofaucet?

Best-shop Autofaucet is an enhanced Cryptocurrency Faucet available in mobile & desktop that allows users to earn crypto by completing surveys, offers & shortlinks tasks.
How is it work?

Best-shop Autofaucet works like many autofaucets, it allows you to get automatically paid, the difference between this autoclaims & others is that permits you to claim up to 29 cryptocurrencies automatically in the same page and also allows you to choose where you want receive your coins. More Information by checking "PAYMENT" FAQ section.
Is Best-shop Autofaucet legitimate?

Best-shop Autofaucet is a completely legitimate website, paying more than hundreds of dollars to users every day. You can check out our payment proof and reviews on BeerMoneyForum.
How can I start using the site?

After Registering & Validating your Account, you will just have to set your wallet address and payment method on profile page, then go to the autofaucet page , select coins that you want and just see your payment being processed.


What is it?
Autoclaim is reward method which send you an amount of money or cryptocurrency every minute. The process is automatic and you just have to leave your tab open in order to get coins into your wallet.
How can I receive my coins automatically ?

This site Provides 2 differents payment Methods (or Modes) for autofaucet:
By Choosing the ExpressCrypto Mode as payment method , you will receive payments on your account for all cryptocurrencies selected on autofaucet page. This mode will consume your energy.

  • Balance Mode :
By Choosing the Balance Mode as payment method , you will receive all payments on your internal USD balance, then you will be able to withdraw it manually by going through "Withdrawal" section on dashboard. This mode will consume your energy.
Can I Quit the page and get autoclaim running ?

Yes, you can continue to claim once you quit the page. But to do so, you have to enable "Sleep Mode" first. Without "Sleep Mode" enabled you have leave the page opened to get autoclaim process running. This mode is explained on the next points of this section.

    Have I to stay on the claim page to get autoclaim running ?

    No , don't need to stay , so you can do your stuffs & keep the page in the background, payment will be send in any case.

    What is Sleep Mode and how does it work?

    "Sleep Mode" is an offline mode which allows you to claim coins automatically without having the website or autofaucet page opened. The purpose of this mode is to allows users to get reward even if they are either inactive or sleeping.  However, enabling this mode will consume 20% of your reward for each coin selected. To enable this mode you just have to check the box "Enable sleepmode" on profile page.

    How are referral paid?

    If you referred an user, you will get percentage (Check it on referral page) of each claim that your referral make directly to your main balance. 


    What is energy ?

    Energy is what an user need to be able to use the autofaucet, even if his balance is not empty. There is no other purpose of energy.
    How do we get energy ?

    You can get more energy  by buying it on "Buy energy" menu link, by viewing videos ad or by achieving tasks (Achievements).
    How does energy consumed ?

    When you use the autofaucet, it consumes one(01) point of energy in balance mode and one(01) point of energy per coin selected in Expresscrypto mode. That is the only way you can use your energy.


    How does the level up system work ?

    Level up system allows an user to check his overall progress on Best-shop Autofaucet. In order to get into the next level, you need to reach a certain amount of exposant (exp). Exposant is a kind of point that helps you to get into the next level.
    Is there a reward for leveling up?
    Yes, when you level up you get rewarded 200 energy to use on autofaucet.

    How do I get more Exp ?

    You can more exp through several ways:
    • Shortlink wall : Every link you pass gives you 2 exp
    • Offerwall : You get 5 exp for every offer you complete
    • Manual Faucet : After each claim you get 2 exp reward
    • Video ad: You get 2 exp on each video viewed
    • Achievements : When you achieve a daily task, you get 3 exp reward


    What is rain?
    Rain is a reward system which give an amount of dollar to a  certain number of users every hour. In order to get the rain, users need to be active on the website thirthy(30) before the rain.

    How to be active and eligible for rain?
    You get eligible by being active on website through earning methods (Shortlink, Manual faucet, PTC, Video, Offerwalls). Please note that using autofaucet only do not make you eligible.

    How does users get rewarded?

    Rewarded users are chosen randomly between all the active users. Then, these lucky users will get a share of the rain amount. The reward is directly credited to your main balance.