Coins is our main currency especially used for withdrawals. You can be rewarded in coins for some activities but most of the time you will earn Faucet Tokens.
You can get coins by converting Faucet Tokens on our Auto Faucet or Manual Faucet, we do suggest using the Auto Faucet. Also, you can get more coins by completing tasks or getting on top of contests.
Faucet Token is an internal reward earned by doing different tasks on our website. You can use Faucet Tokens to claim Coins or Crypto (if your membership allows it) on our faucet.
You are allowed to register and use just ONE account. If you register more than 1 account, all your accounts are going to be disabled.
You can withdraw your Coins as Crypto currency into your FaucetPay, Payeer, Coinbase or FinalAutoclaim Account.
No, you are not allowed to access our website over a VPN or Proxy connection. We expect you to use this website from your personal device, if you use any VPN/Proxy, your account will be autmatically suspended by our system.
If you invite your friends using your special affiliate URL, you can earn up to 25% from all Faucet Tokens earned (except Faucet, contests, rewards, daily bonus and coupons) by your friends for life.
At times, the website may run out of funds for a particular currency. If this happens, we suggest you choose another currency/payment method, or you can simply wait and we'll let you know by updating the paying status of that coin on withdrawal page.
You will be automatically blocked from accessing oferwalls for 2 days if you are found completing offerwalls at different locations during a single day. It is considered as a VPN/Proxy usage.
If we receive up to 2 chargebacks from an offerwall provider regarding your account in a month, you will automatically get blocked from accessing that offerwall for 30 days. Please make sure to complete offers/surveys properly and honesty, without cheating or speeding.
Rain is a random distribution of Faucet tokens or coins to a certain number of users. Rain amount is shared between lucky users. To be elligible, you have to be active on the website at most 30 min before the rain. Rain time can change, it's not fixed nor announced.
To be active, you have to go through any earning activity around the website.
We own three main currencies: Coins, Faucet Tokens and Credits
- 1 USD = 1000 Coins
- 1 Coin = 125 Faucet Tokens (Manual Faucet)
- 1 Coin = 100 Faucet Tokens (Auto Faucet)
- 1 Faucet Token = 1 Credit