We are glad to be back for crypto lovers after a month of website maintenance. Due to database slowing problems, we had to put the faucet down in order to find quick solution, unfortunately the slowing still persisted despite some changes applied.

So we finally decided to move to another script, better and more complete than previous one. Since April, 24th 2022 the website went down and we started the migration to this new script.

The website is finally back today May 19th 2022, both old and new users have to create an account in order to access this new platform. An account recovery option has been implemented in order to allow old users to recover their balances and data from previous script.

This new script is slightly different from the old one, but still easy to understand and start earning. Please take a quick look at the FAQ to know a little about it. Feel free to ask any question on website chat, a support member will be there for answering.

Thank you for patience and support.

Happy earning,

Best-shop Administrator

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