Hello everyone,

I hope this post find you in good health, I come here with a bad news.  After 4 years of faucet ownership I decided to leave and focus myself on something else, It was a pleasure to be part of faucet community. 
Helping people to earn online was my motivation and I really loved to do it even when facing difficulties. But today, it becomes harder to stay focused on this since I've other activities in my life. Furthermore, this sector become less and less profitable with many ad networks closing or turning scam, low revenues; so keeping this website running become more difficult than before. I invested a lot of my time, my energy and even my money on this website but things aren't going like I expected, so I can't do it for long.
Concerning the website (Best-shop Faucet), it changed a lot overtime because I was trying to improve and get a more complete and secure website. But we're always facing users trying hack or compromise your website in order to earn for free, so that's a huge problem and revenues loss.

The website is now on sale (+ Telegram chat) as it, including all customizations added (offerwalls, shortlinks, payment methods); so anyone interested to buy it can reach me on Telegram @Ricko997. Otherwise I'll close the website on October 2nd, 2022. All earning methods won't be accessible anymore from that date, and I'll progessively process all user's earnings.

I'm also selling my script licence from at an affordable price, so anyone interested can just contact me on Telegram

Again, it was a great pleasure to work with you all. Wish you all the best!!


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