Welcome to Best-Shopme Faucet!

Here you will get more details in order to get started on this website and take advantage of it.

The "Earn Tokens" Menu

On this menu you can see a bunch of activities through which you can earn Faucet Tokens. Earning activities are generally rewarded in Faucet Tokens, except some of them (Contests, Rewards and Offerwalls). Please read carefully on the page to understand how it works.


Currently there is both Auto Faucet and Manual Faucet options. We suggest using Auto Faucet as it gives 25% more Coins than Manual Faucet. Your main purpose is to convert your Faucet Tokens into Coins. Coins is the main and highest currency on this website, you will need Coins if you want to withdraw your funds.

Activity "Rewards"

Activity rewards are challenges you have to meet in order to get the reward. Challenges can be of different kinds and different rewards; you will see all the details on that page. It's a good way to earn more on this website. Challenges can be Daily, Weekly or Monthly.


We like to showcase the best users on website, that's where contests come in place. We current have three contests: The Most Shortlinks DoneThe Most Offerwalls Done and The Most Referred. To get rewarded at the end of a contest, you firstly have to meet the minimum requirement to be qualified and do your best to be on top.


Offers and surveys are the best way to boost your earnings on the website. We currently work with several offers providers and we don't have any control on offers posted on their wall. To complete an offer, please click on any provider on that page, then click on the offer you are interested in and read  the requirements carefully. You will be rewarded in Credits for any completion.

Level System

Level up helps to demonstrate your experience on the website, at the same it provides some benefits. Leveling up helps you to increase your Faucet Multiplier which works for both Auto and Manual Faucet. As its name indicates, it will multiply your earnings at every faucet claim. The Faucet Multiplier goes up to 65% when you reach level 240. Another benefit is that leveling up helps you to unlock additional offerwall providers.

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