Hello everyone,

I am Check and I’m going to be the new admin of Best-Shopme. 

I have been working hard to bring the website a new revamp and bring changes that users will enjoy. I am very happy to announce v2.0 of Best-Shopme. If there are any suggestions or feedback please send an email to [email protected] and I will try my best to accommodate and reply to them. Here is a list of changes to the website:
- Added Auto Faucet (Pays more than Manual Faucet)
- Membership balancing (Prices, Perks are boosted)
- Levels balancing (There is a lesser gap between levels and more levels)
- Tokens value inflated (1 Coin is worth more tokens now and in return Tokens are easier to obtain)
- Credit value changed (1:1 Credit:Token)
- Added Google translate 
- Added Click Offerwalls (Bitcotasks, Offerwallmedia, Dripoffers)
- Added more offerwalls (Offers4Crypto, Excentiv, Personaly, OfferDaddy, Kiwiwall, CPAlead,)
- Added offerwall promotions 
- Added more currencies (ETH, DOGE, DASH, TRX, ZEC, USDC, FEY, BNB, ADA, ETC, SOL, SHIB, BCH, XRP, USDT)
- Added more shortlinks 
- Added lottery
- Added coin flip
- Added dice
- Added scratch tickets
- Added more rewards (lifetime rewards added)
- Added more tasks (Rewards increased)
- Rain balancing (Rains are more frequent now)
- PTC advertising price decreased 
- Banner advertising price decreased
- Referral commission increased
- General website redesign
- Daily bonus rewards increased
- Fixed GPU mining software not crediting hashes correctly (Please redownload for the latest version)

We understand that there are popups added, but this helps us to maintain the website. You can always support us with a membership and popups will be disabled for upgraded members. 

We hope you enjoyed our changes and withdrawals should be back shortly. Thank you all for your patience and as a token of gratitude here is a coupon for everyone to redeem! BESTSHOPMEV2

Happy earning!

Best-Shopme Admin

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