Hello everyone,

It has been almost a month since the new takeover and we have worked very hard to bring you all this update, please check below for the detailed changes:
  • Contests now give Tokens instead of Coins
    • We have increased the overall rewards of contests and for some users they may earn even more if they convert them the right way
    • Referral contest now has over 8,000,000 Tokens in total as rewards! That is over $80, with 15 days left!
  • Added Offerwalls:
    • AdBreakMedia
    • Admantium
    • Offers4All
    • Offerwallmedia
    • DripOffers
  • Removed Click Offers page
  • Added Offerwall sortings:
    • Surveys
    • PTC
  • Offers will now give Tokens instead of Credits
    • So you do not have to convert Credits to Tokens every time you complete an offerwall
    • Make sure you convert all your Credits to Tokens by 22/10/2023 as we will remove the Credits exchange function
  • Added "Open in New Tab" for offers (Suggestion by Bruleo)
  • Fixed some offerwalls not "Holding" Tokens after certain amount
  • Changes to the sidebar and icons in user balances
  • Added promotions tab to dashboard
These are the changelogs of v2.1.0 of Best-Shopme, if there are any suggestions or questions feel free to contact us by email or Telegram, hope you enjoyed this offerwall update and happy earning!

Kind regards,
Check - Best-Shopme Admin

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